A grey day but warm punters

New Boiler

Aska Sykes recently supplied two 100kW Boilers and Air Handlers to a major sporting event on the racing calendar. The equipment, which had only just arrived into the fleet was used to ensure that Punters could enjoy the hospitality in warm and comfortable surroundings. While only the heating circuits were used on this occasion, the Boilers also have separate hot water circuits should kitchens, showers, toilets etc need hot water. The 100kW unit is also regularly used to speed up the process of drying the screed for new underfloor heating projects.

Contact us for all your temporary boiler needs – from 22kw electric boilers to 500kw plant units. Keep an eye on our website over the coming weeks and months as we continue to add to our fleet.

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New Sykes Silt Away

Silt away

Aska Sykes have added the new Silt Away unit to our hire fleet, which can be used in conjunction with our range of 6” (150mm) pumps. The product has been specifically designed to separate suspended solids and sediment from water pumped from various ground sources, including construction sites, rivers and drains.

Pumped water passes through the Silt Away filters via a Lamella platebox, allowing solids contained in water to drop into a discharge chamber below. This compartment can be easily emptied at ground level without the unit being decommissioned, making them perfect for applications were continuous operation is essential.


Click here to view a video of the Silt Away in operation

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Harbour Overpumping

Aska Sykes were able to supply 4 of our Super Wispaset 200 silenced pumps to overpump a harbour, so that essential maintenance work could be carried out.

The 8″ silenced pumps successfully emptied the harbour, and our customer was able commence with their work.

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New Pumps for 2018

New Fleet Pumps


As part of our commitment to maintaining our hire fleet to the highest standards, Aska Sykes Ltd. have added a number of new Sykes Super Wispa diesel pumps to our fleet for 2018. The new 4″, 6″ and 8″ super silenced pumps offer low noise pumping without compromising on power, reliability and flexibility.

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MT40 Vacuum Cleaner

Wet Vac

We are pleased to announce that we have added the MT40 industrial vacuum cleaner to our hire fleet. With its large capacity and robust design this vacuum cleaner is ideal for use in warehouses, workshops and construction sites. The MT40 can also be used as a wet vac to help clean up after any spillages or flood damage. For more information about the MT40 industrial and wet vacuum cleaner contact Aska Sykes on 1850 200688.

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Heat For Hire Fleet Upgrade

New Auroras


Aska Sykes are pleased to announce the recent addition of a number of the new Aurora FH 111 high capacity indirect heaters to our heat for hire fleet.

The Aurora FH 111 heater is one of the most economical oil fired heaters in our fleet with a nominal heating duty of 110kW. A single unit is able to heat areas up to 2,440m3. This model heater is robustly constructed, easily transported and compact without compromising on power. Mounted on wheels to aid manoeuvrability, the Aurora FH 111 can be used with up to 40m of ducting and operates on either a 230V or 110V power supply. The heater can also be used with external thermostat controls if desired.

Environments where the Aurora FH 111 can be used:

  • Building Sites
  • Garages, and spray booths
  • Food prep areas
  • Retail and car showrooms
  • Sports halls and leisure centres
  • Exhibition halls
  • Churches
  • Marquees
  • Green houses
  • Factories
  • Agricultural applications
  • Warehouses

For more information about the Aurora FH 111, or any of our other high capacity heaters, call 1850 200 688. Alternatively you can contact one of our depots located nationwide.

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Clean Up Of Flood Damage After Desmond

As many businesses and homes throughout Ireland begin to survey the flood damage that was caused by Storm Desmond, and begin the clean up operation to hopefully have their properties ready for christmas. Aska Sykes with their six depots nationwide can provide essential equipment that can assist with this clean up operation.

With dewatering pumps ranging from 1 inch to 8 inch, diesel or electric, Aska Sykes will have a pump that can assist removing any trapped water that has not subsided.

Aska Sykes range of dehumidifiers

Aska Sykes also has a large fleet of refrigerant and dessicant dehumidifiers to assist with the drying out of buildings after the water has subsided. Our latest addition of Wet-Vacs can assist with clean up of any interior damage.

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Construction Site Heating

To assist with the interior finish on a new hospital site in Northern Ireland, the main contractor contacted Aska Sykes to supply a Megawatt of indirect heating. The contractor needed to keep temperatures in the new buildings above 10°C so that they could lay flooring and assist with the drying out of plaster.

Our Aurora indirect heaters were delivered next day from our Lisburn depot. With our flexible ducting and splitter options heat could be supplied to individual rooms and seperate floors. With the heat being distributed to so many work spaces, work on the site was able to continue at a steady pace.

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A leading building contractor contacted us recently with a major deadline headache, 3 floors of wet concrete and no heat! The boiler room in the new build commercial building had yet to be commissioned but the completion deadline was fast approaching. Other hire companies were offering the typical blast heating and dehumidifier solution which was never going to get the job done. Aska Sykes provided a specialist solution through our packaged 100kw boiler. The unit was delivered to site, commissioned and was delivering controlled temperature through the existing underfloor pipes within 24 hours of receiving the call.

The specialist solution allowed the contractor to keep to the deadline and have the flooring laid as scheduled. Packaged boilers are available from 22kw to 550kw. Call your local depot for a free site survey.

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