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Dirt Bags

  • A simple solution for catching suspended solids and sediment prior to discharge into drains, sewers or watercourses.
  • Relies on filtration and not settlement to catch solids.
  • Unique cubed bag option - fitted inside a tank to allow for ease of collection, disposal and management of water discharge.
  • Unlike other sediment control units the Dirtbags are NOT RELIANT on pumping speeds or settlement times and the bags will help retain solids from pumped water.
  • The Dirtbag is fitted with a standard 10" elasticated collar which will fit around any size delivery hose or connector. Simply pump the water into the Dirtbag, the water runs through the bag which catches the solids in the water.
  • Dirtbags are available in 100, 200 & 500 micron filter sizes.

How it works


Standard Dirtbag

  dirtbagThe standard size of the Dirtbag is 1.5m2 giving a filtration area of 4.5m2 allowing a flow rate well in excess of 4,600 l/min or the pumping capacity of a 6" pump. Custom sizes available on demand.

Utility Bag

utilitybagThe UTILITY BAG was purpose made for small mobile street works. It measures 1m x 0.3m and its 10" elasticated collar. The bag can be turned inside out and re-used


dirtboxA purpose built tank that houses the Dirtbag and allows a much easier, safer and controlled environment for collecting solids. Inlets and outlets can be sized to suit. A removable permeable inner tank that holds the Dirtbag and is lifted out ensuring the safe & easy change and disposal of the Dirtbag