Airmec Compressors are manufactured to the highest industry standards. Not to be confused with cheaper equipment available in the marketplace, these units are built to last. Full replacement parts are available.

Airmec Belt Driven Compressors

Cast iron head provided with Stainless steel Valves Single-phase oversized electric motor with high starting torque complete with thermal protection at manual reset.The three-phase electric motor is p...Read More

Airmec Direct Drive Compressors

The cast aluminium casing and head, cast iron cylinder and eccentric, splash lubrication, high performance stainless steel valves, forced cooling. Model CH25-210 CH50-210 Air Displacement 220lpm 220lp...Read More

Airmec Petrol Engine Air Compressors

Petrol Engine Air Compressors compressor with 4-stroke petrol and diesel engine.A folding Self rewinding rope starter. Automatic release valve and vacuum setting which maintains a constant pressure in...Read More

Shimge Compressors

Model  CH25-210PL SH2055B-100L SG2070C-150L SG2070D-200L Air Displacement 220lpm 200lpm 300lpm 330lpm Air Receiver Tank Size 25 litre 100 litre 150 litre 200 litre Power requirement  1.1kw  2.2kw 2...Read More


Airmec Compressor Kit: Spray Gun With Lower Tank Airgun Tyre Inflating Gun Long Barrel Blow Gun 8mt Flexible Plastic Hose Direct Drive Pressure Switch Belt Drive Pressure Switch MK3 Heavy Duty Gun &am...Read More