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Effluent & Sludge Pumps

Arven Effluent Pump
Effluent pumps suitable for run off water from septic tanks and farmyard sumps float switch connected to head of pump
Static Head (max)7.5 metres8.5 metres8.5 metres
Volume Per Minute (max)260 litres400 litres400 litres
Power.75 HP 230vt1 HP 230vt1 HP 110vt
Outlet Size1.5 inch2 inch2 inch
Speroni Submersible Sewage Pumps
Suitable for domestic, civil and industrial use. Available in single phase and three phase Automatic- float switch supplied
Static Head (max)9 metres14 metres
Volume Per Minute (max)400 litres1000 litres
Power1 HP 230vt3 HP 230 /400vt
Ecolift WC560 Sanitary Pump
Designed to connect to existing pipework for use in en-suites and small bathrooms
Max Head6.5 metres
Max Volume80 litres per minute
Power 230volt
Stainless Steel “Tenax” Submersible Sewage Pump
Suitable for domestic, civil and industrial use complete stainless steel pump body manual
Static Head (max)15 metres
volume Per Minute (max)700 litres
Submersible Cutter Pump
Suitable for foul and heavy waste water available in single phase and three phase
Static Head (max)21 metres
Volume Per Minute (max)330 litres
 320v/ 3phase 415v
Shimge Effluent Pumps
WSD75/35T 230vt .75kw cast iron 35mm solids passage pumps
Also available in stainless steel!