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Rainwater harvesting pumps

UseFor Clean Water in Domestic, agricultuarl and parlour wash supply
Pressurefrom 4 bar – 9 bar
Volume95 litres per minute (max)
Headfrom 45-90 metres
Cable Length20 metres
SVM 100/150
UseCan be Used for Deep Wells or Rainwater Supply to Domestic Systems
ModelSVM 100SVM 150
Motor Size1HP1.5HP
Volume30 litres per minute50 litres per minute
Head (max)53 metres100 metres
dimensions (mm)96 x 96 x 45196 x 96 x 530
SMC 1003
UseUsed for Rainwater to Supply Domestic Systems
Volume120 litres per minute
Head35 metres
Outlet size1″
Shimge Rainwater Harvesting
NKM 3/4 – .75kw Multistage Submersible Pump for clean water
NKM 3/6 – 1.1kw Multistage Submersible Pump for clean water