New Boilers for Winter 2018/19


Although we are still feeling the effects of the recent heatwave, Aska Sykes are busy preparing their fleet of heaters and boilers for this autumn and winter. Part of this preparation has been the addition of new 100KW and 300KW boiler units. Aska Sykes Boilers can provide instant heating and domestic hot water for events, […]

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Aska Sykes Prevents Hotel Guests Getting Hot and Bothered

When a popular Cork hotel had their chiller repair delayed, Aska Sykes were able to step in and supply a suitable temporary replacement. With a number of important conferences and events scheduled, quick delivery and installation was required. Aska Sykes were able to have a 375KW Chiller Unit delivered. With the current warm climate the […]

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Fuel Tanks & Fuel Management

Fuel Tanks

Aska Sykes can offer customers a wide selection of fuel tanks that have been specifically designed for use in environmentally sensitive applications, with our pumps, generators, heaters and boilers. All bunded fuel tanks within our hire fleet comply with industry legislation and are therefore suitable for fuel storage in any environment. A single unit is […]

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Increase in Demand, leads to Fleet Expansion

Trailer Pump

Due to the increase in demand Aska Sykes have added new Sykes Super Wispa diesel pumps to our hire fleet. The new 4″ and 6″ pumps are available as both a stationary unit, or as road tow trailer pump.

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A grey day but warm punters

New Boiler

Aska Sykes recently supplied two 100kW Boilers and Air Handlers to a major sporting event on the racing calendar. The equipment, which had only just arrived into the fleet was used to ensure that Punters could enjoy the hospitality in warm and comfortable surroundings. While only the heating circuits were used on this occasion, the […]

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New Sykes Silt Away

Silt away

Aska Sykes have added the new Silt Away unit to our hire fleet, which can be used in conjunction with our range of 6” (150mm) pumps. The product has been specifically designed to separate suspended solids and sediment from water pumped from various ground sources, including construction sites, rivers and drains. Pumped water passes through […]

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Harbour Overpumping

Aska Sykes were able to supply 4 of our Super Wispaset 200 silenced pumps to overpump a harbour, so that essential maintenance work could be carried out. The 8″ silenced pumps successfully emptied the harbour, and our customer was able commence with their work.

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New Pumps for 2018

New Fleet Pumps

  As part of our commitment to maintaining our hire fleet to the highest standards, Aska Sykes Ltd. have added a number of new Sykes Super Wispa diesel pumps to our fleet for 2018. The new 4″, 6″ and 8″ super silenced pumps offer low noise pumping without compromising on power, reliability and flexibility.

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MT40 Vacuum Cleaner

Wet Vac

We are pleased to announce that we have added the MT40 industrial vacuum cleaner to our hire fleet. With its large capacity and robust design this vacuum cleaner is ideal for use in warehouses, workshops and construction sites. The MT40 can also be used as a wet vac to help clean up after any spillages […]

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Heat For Hire Fleet Upgrade

New Auroras

  Aska Sykes are pleased to announce the recent addition of a number of the new Aurora FH 111 high capacity indirect heaters to our heat for hire fleet. The Aurora FH 111 heater is one of the most economical oil fired heaters in our fleet with a nominal heating duty of 110kW. A single unit […]

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