GP 150 6

Ozy Ozone Generator

The Ozy ozone generator is the cleanest & most efficient way to purify and cleanse the atmosphere. The multiple settings means the unit can be adapted to suit any area, cleaning the air & minimizing the spread of airborne bacteria

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  • Oxygen enters the OZY machine
  • Ambient oxygen is transformed into ozone and delivered
  • Eliminates bacteria and viruses thanks to its oxidizing properties
  • Cleans the room air which becomes healthy and clean

• It’s a fast and effective treatment
• It’s ecological and natural
• It leaves no toxic residues
• It’s innovative
• Use only the oxygen in the ambient air
• It does not release polluting agents
• It does not require additives or chemical detergents
• It’s cheap

  • Schools
  • medical centres
  • clinics
  • pharmacies
  • apartments
  • nursing homes
  • hotels
  • food courts