Did you know that Aska Sykes supply pumps and air blowers to suit domestic wastewater biosystems? Our infographic explains how the system works:

Domestic Wastewater Biosystems Sorted - Aska Sykes
Domestic Wastewater Biosystems Sorted - Aska Sykes

The LP60 Air Blower

The Resun LP60 pump is a 70 litres per minute air blower which is easy to fit if your old unit needs to be replaced. These blowers are great for aerating fishponds or any still water around the home or garden.

LP60 Air Blower - Aska Sykes

The Mizar 60 Vox

The Mizar60 Vox submersible pump has a vortex impeller, which allows it to pump domestic wastewater with some solids. This makes them perfectly designed to pump water from secondary chambers in biosystems.

The Mizar 60 Vox - Aska Sykes

So if you need a system for a new build or simply need to replace old, worn out parts of your old system, call our sales office on 059 913 3690 where our expert staff will recommend the right solution for you.