Air Conditioning Types – And when to use them

There are many different ways to cool down when the temperatures start to rise in the summer. Whether it’s the factory floor, warehouse, home, office or even home office, the selection of the correct air conditioning unit will ensure that no matter what youre doing, you can keep your cool at all times.

Exhaust Tube Units

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Polar wind Exhaust tube unit

For example, if youre at your desk in the office or at home and have access to a window or vent that you can use to expel the hot air from the environment, the Aska Sykes range of exhaust tube air conditioners are the best solution. These work by actually sucking the hot air from the area and releasing it to the atmosphere via an exhaust tube just like a clothes dryer. The air conditioning unit itself then replaces this with cold, dry air. The temperature in the whole area can be regulated by the easy to use digital dial on the unit. The nature of the dry air released by the exhaust type air conditioners make them ideal for offices where there may be paper, or server rooms in particular where sensitive electronic equipment needs to be temperature controlled without an increase in humidity.

If you specifically need this cool dry air to regulate temperature in an environment but access to the external outlet is difficult, limited or remote, the Aska Sykes range of split type units may provide the solution. These work in a similar way to the exhaust type air conditioners with an inside unit blowing cold air to the required area, while hot air is expelled via an outside hex unit. This unit is specifically designed for outdoor use, and is suitable for long term installations.The inside and outside units are connected by lines that can run to a distance of up to 15 metres – perfect for running down corridors, through trunking or ducting to access those hard to reach areas!

Evaporative Coolers

If there is no access to outside at all which can sometimes be the case in retail shop units, hairdressers, kitchens and more, Evaporative Coolers are t

Evaporative Coolers - Aska Sykes

Mighty cool evaporative cooler

he perfect option. These units work by simply drawing in warm air from the room, passing it over a wet filter, cooling it in the process and blowing it out. All you need to do is fill the unit with ice water, plug it in and stay cool! Aska Sykes have a large range of these units in all sizes so theres no air conditioning job too big or small.

Any of these units can be teamed with a fan from Aska Sykes’ large ventilation fleet to increase airflow and volume where needed.


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Chiller unit

Finally, the Aska Sykes range of chillers are the best choice when you need to cool large areas – fast! The Chillers work by circulating large volumes of temperature controlled water in a looped system through flow and return pipes. When connected to air handling units (which work like a fan) these efficient machines are capable of delivering huge volumes of cooled air to very large areas.

Check out our Air Conditioning Infographic for more information or call our expert team who can recommend the perfect climate control solution for your application.

Air Conditioning types - and when to use them - Aska Sykes ltd