Aska Sykes - Borehole pumps info


When you need to get water to your home, farm or business, Aska Sykes can supply all you need. Our infographic shows all the equipment your installer will use to get water flowing, and its all available as a complete package. Just call your local Aska Sykes rep with the details of your well and they’ll  recommend the perfect solution!

Borehole Pumps & fittings

Aska Sykes have a huge range of borehole submersible pumps ranging from .5 hp 4” diameter units all the way up to 12 hp three phase models. Our experienced staff can recommend the right size pump for your application based on various factors such as the depth of your well, water volumes, pressure requirements and so on..   High quality, sturdy fittings are vital on the outlet of the pump. We supply brass reducers and pipe fittings for our HDPE pipe. We also recommend fitting our complete brass Europa non return valves as extra protection for the pump. 

HDPE Pipe & Cable

Our HDPE pipe is rated at 12.5 bar so is suitable for virtually any well depth. Its available in a range of diameters and in rolls of 100 or 150 metre lengths.

4 core cable will be required to power your submersible pump, generally 4 x 2.52 mm. Aska Sykes technical staff can advise you of what size is needed for your pump, and they always have coils in stock. We can even splice the cable to the pump for you!


A steel well cap tidies the job and protects the well from any impurities. Aska Sykes’ wellcaps have threaded outlets in 1” or 11/4” and glands for cable & rope and can be supplied with bends & fittings.

Pressure Vessels

Aska Sykes can recommend the correct pressure vessel to suit your customers home, farm or business. Fittings such as pressure switches, pressure gauges, brass valves and lever valves are required in all standard installations and all are included as part of the pumping package.Pressure vessel with fittings