Large Scale Pumping Helps Lock Repairs

Cabinet pumps on river - Aska Sykes

Our comprehensive range of pumps allows Aska Sykes to offer solutions to projects of any size or scale.

Temporary overpumping systems are a critical element in many repair projects, being used to transfer water supplies so that construction can commence. Aska Sykes were called and tasked with providing our client with a pumping solution to handle very high flows of water from a lock in the north while repair work could be carried out.  Following a site survey, our specialist engineers recommended and provided the client with 3 pumps – a 12”, 8” & 6” Supersilent, all with the capabilities to pump the water from the lock and keep it pumped away while work could commence. These pump units were chosen specifically for their huge volume capacity & reliability.

Pump & Filter on river - Aska Sykes

At Aska Sykes we are always committed to adhering to growing environmental obligations, so a SiltAway unit was supplied to enable any solids or impurities to be filtered before the water was transferred back to the river. This SiltAway Unit has been specifically designed to separate suspended solids and sediment from water pumped from various ground sources, including construction sites, rivers and drains.

Prior to distribution, our pumps are subjected to rigorous testing to ensure they are functioning at full capacity, before being installed on your site. This guarantees that all equipment operates at the expected level and reduces the risk of future breakdown. Depending on the length of time required to complete the job, regular service calls are arranged to ensure everything runs smoothly.