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Introducing our new AS Products range

We’ve aligned some of our best-selling products to provide the best solutions for various jobs around the home, farm and small business. Any sewage treatment, water supply & drainage, dehumidification or compressed air applications, we’ve got the machine for the job. Check out the range below and call us on 0818 200 688 to see how these great products can improve your working day!

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Water Supply

Aska Sykes - Booster pump

First up is the great new PX404E – 1hp 230vt booster pump and digital inverter. This booster pump is ideal for when an increase in pressure is required from a mains or well supply to your home, farm or business. The digital display on the inverter means fitting and operating couldn’t be easier, and once installed, allows the pump to efficiently achieve the required pressure for your application. This means the PX404E is one of the most economical and efficient pumps on the market.

The 1hp pump has a stainless steel housing and is capable of 150 litres per minute max volume and a head of 45 metres.


Aska Sykes dehumidifierThe DYD-Z22B is great for a range of applications around the home. Dry out of water damage from flooding or burst pipes, damp and condensation treatment and prevention and even clothes drying indoors in urban areas where space is limited. Additionally, the DYD-Z22B is ideal on-site in portacabins to dry out workwear and keep the atmosphere dry in a damp office conditions.  The unit is low on power usage making it very economical to run.

Along with the standard benefits of the dehumidifier, the new model is fitted with replaceable HEPA filters which add the additional benefit of purifying the air in your home.

Waste Water Treatment

LP60Wastewater from toilets, showers, sinks, washing machines & dishwashers flow to a specialised two – chamber tank underground. In the initial chamber, aerobic breakdown of material is encouraged by using the LP60 Air Pump. Larger solids settle to the bottom of the tank and the water is aerated, enabling bacteria to thrive and break down the remaining solids. The remaining liquid overflows to the second chamber of the tank where further settlement takes place. Aska Sykes Drainage pumpIf the percolation area is too far away to allow for natural drainage, the Mizar 60 Vox Pump can be used to pump this water away.

The water that is pumped to the percolation area can now safely seep away to help enrich the soil in surrounding area, promote growth of vegetation or return to the water table.

Air Compressor

Aska Sykes 50 litre compressorThe next addition to the AS Products range is the SGFL-50 direct drive air compressor, which features an efficiency of 98-99%, with almost no energy loss. This makes it the most efficient air compressor when compared to other air compressor types of the same power, and allows it to also offer a larger displacement.

Ideal for use around the home, farm & business for small compressed air jobs like tyre inflation, spray painting, cleaning and many more. Aska Sykes supply a full stock of spares and accessories for all of our equipment so you never need to go without!

Water Drainage

q750The Q400 & Q750 submersible pumps are a great addition to the AS Products range. The ideal submersible drainage pump for domestic applications. Fitted with a float switch, they are ideally suited to garden & pond drainage. Using a standard garden hose on the 1″ outlet, these pumps are perfect for watering the garden or irrigation in general.

Call us now on 0818 200 688 to find the perfect submersible pump for any application around your home or business.