No job too big for Aska Sykes Pump hire fleet!

Aska Sykes pumps

Huge volumes of water pumped at a treatment plant in Dublin

A customer contacted us recently via the free phone number on our website hoping to find a company that had the capability to pump water to tanks for treatment. The problem as they saw it was that the huge volume of water required in the time period seemed to be too much. Our experienced engineers visited the site to determine exactly what flow & pressure the application required, and how best to provide an efficient solution to the huge task at hand. Enter the Aska Sykes pump hire fleet!

As Irelands largest fleet of pumping equipment, we were able to give our customers the peace of mind to know that we would have the units on the ground and ready to go when needed – even in an exceptionally large job like this one.

In addition, our in-house pump specialists were always on hand to answer any questions that arose to put the customers mind at ease. After a quotation was provided and rates were agreed upon, we set to work on the huge task of delivering to site. There would be over ten full-load deliveries in total, with some combination of the following equipment on each truck:

Aska Sykes pumps-loaded

One of the many loads ready for delivery to site

We also drafted a commissioning and service schedule to further ensure that everything ran smoothly, and the project could go off as efficiently as possible.

On this project in particular, the availability of equipment and the expertise provided by our engineers ensured that there’s no job too big for Irelands largest pumping fleet!

Aska Sykes pumps

Spot the pumps!