A 22kw boiler could be one of the most versatile tools you use on site this winter

Aska Sykes portable boiler


Hiring a 22kw portable boiler has many benefits that can enable on-time or even early handover of your completed construction project, especially during bad weather in the winter months.

Check out the benefits below…
    • Underfloor Heating: 22kw portable boilers can allow for temporary heat to be circulated throughout underfloor heating systems, keeping newly constructed buildings warm and dry. This can be particularly important in situations where the building envelope isn’t yet sealed, or when finishing work is being done in cold weather. This method of heating the site means the underfloor heating system can be primed & tested before commissioning of the system. This also provides the secondary benefits:
      • Concrete Curing: Curing concrete at the right temperature is vital for its strength and durability and 22kw boilers ensure that the curing process is controlled and optimal. Heat can be increased incrementally using the 22kw portable boiler to correctly dry the screed.
      • Drying and Frost Protection: 22kw portable boilers can also be used to provide heat for drying construction materials, such as paint or plaster, and to prevent frost damage in colder climates.
    • Temporary Heating: Construction sites often operate in various weather conditions, including cold winter months. 22kw portable boilers are used to provide temporary heating for construction trailers, offices, and other on-site facilities. This helps maintain a comfortable working environment for construction crews, which is essential for safety and productivity.Aska Sykes 22kw portable boiler
        • Hot Water Supply: Construction sites often require hot water for various purposes, such as cleaning equipment, tools, and even providing warm water for construction workers. Portable boilers can produce the required hot water, ensuring that the site’s hot water needs are met.
    • Temporary Facilities: Construction sites often have temporary facilities like mobile offices, restrooms, and wash stations. Portable boilers can provide these facilities with hot water for handwashing, showers, and other needs, improving the comfort and hygiene of workers.
    • Emergency Heating: In case of heating system failures or delays in connecting permanent heating systems, portable boilers can act as a backup or temporary solution to maintain a suitable temperature on the construction site.
    • Flexible Zoning: These portable boilers can be easily relocated and connected to different parts of the construction site as needed. They are versatile and can adapt to changing requirements.
    • Energy Efficiency: Modern portable boilers are designed with energy efficiency in mind. They are often equipped with features to optimize fuel consumption and reduce emissions, which is both cost-effective and environmentally responsible.

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