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Jumbo 235 Indirect Oil Fired Heater

The Jumbo 235  is an effective indirect space heater for use in large spaces like warehouses, factories, garages, farmhouses, and more. The Jumbo 235  can generate a massive 218kW output and an mighty 17000m³/hr airflow with 92% heating efficiency. The design of the heater ensures that hot, clean air is delivered efficiently to any space while any waste fumes are expelled out into the open.

Use with ducting to provide heat to inaccessible or difficult to reach areas. Particularly suited to public event spaces like marquees, unattended rooms such as stables and farmhouses, and for drying out vast areas. The extra capacity provided by these immense heaters make them ideal for large scale drying on construction sites, in buildings following heavy downpours or flooding, or for agricultural applications like crop drying.

The outer shell of the Jumbo 235 is constructed from steel with reinforcement cross pleats that provide extra strength and rigidity. The removable panels make internal cleaning and service convenient, making the Jumbo 235 one of the most trouble free and cost efficient units on the market. The low noise levels emitted from the heater make the Jumbo 235  the best choice to create comfortable work environments where productivity is essential. Aska Sykes provide a full range of spare parts and accessories for the heater, and routinely inspect and service the units to ensure no down time on site.

Large, sturdy wheels make the Jumbo 235 easy to move around on-site to facilitate spot heating where required. 2 and 4-way outlet splitters can be used in conjunction with multiple lengths of PVC ducting so that you can heat more than one space at the same time. Aska Sykes have a large fleet of ducting, splitters, thermostat, flue, and rain cowls and any auxillary equipment to suit any application available in each of our eight strategically located depots throughout Ireland to guarantee a swift and cost efficient service.

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  • Heater Dimensions: 2245mm x 982mm x 1584mm
  • Packaged Heater Dimensions: 2200mm x 880mm x 1560mm
  • Product Weight: 357kg
  • Heating Capacity: 218kW
  • Heat Efficiency: 92%
  • Air Flow: 17,000m³/h
  • Air Temperature: 55℃
  • Fuel Consumption: 18.65l/hr
  • Electrical Power: 2550W