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General Purpose

Cabinet Pump Hire - Aska Sykes

Super Silent

Submersible Pump Hire - Aska Sykes


Submersible Sludge Pump Hire - Aska Sykes

Submersible Sludge

Specialist Pump Hire - Aska Sykes

High Performance

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Hose & Accessories

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Our Pumping Division

As the longest established pump hire company in Ireland, no-one is able to match our history or ability when it comes to delivering pumping solutions – whatever the problem.

Our customers can testify that we have the expertise to overcome the challenges they face irrespective of the industry sector they work in. From Construction to Utilities, from simple fluid movement to complex pumping schemes, whether planned or emergency, Sykes Pumps solve their customers problems day and night 365 days of the year.

General Purpose Pumps

GP 100 General Purpose Pump - Aska Sykes

GP100 – 4″

GP 150 General Purpose Pump - Aska Sykes

GP150 – 6″

GP 200 General Purpose Pump - Aska Sykes

GP200 – 8″

Hilta Drysite - Aska Sykes

Hilta Drysite

Hilta Drysite - Aska Sykes

Diesel Thrash

Super Silent Pumps

eco 80 silent pump aska sykes

Super Wispaset 100

Superwispaset Pump - Aska Sykes

Super Wispaset 150

Superwispaset Pump - Aska Sykes

Super Wispaset 200

Superwispaset Pump - Aska Sykes

Super Wispaset 300

Superwispaset Pump - Aska Sykes

MH 150 / 100

Superwispaset Pump - Aska Sykes

HS 200

eco80 silent pump - aska sykes


Submersible Pumps

J12 .9kw Submersible Pump - Aska Sykes

J12 .9kw

XJ25 2.5kw Submersible Pump - Aska Sykes

XJ25 2.5kw

XJ40 3.7kw Submersible Pump - Aska Sykes

XJ40 3.7kw

XJ50 5.6kw Submersible Pump - Aska Sykes

XJ50 5.6kw

XJ80 8.3kw Submersible Pump - Aska Sykes

XJ80 8.3kw

XJ110 11.8kw Submersible Pump - Aska Sykes

XJ110 11.8kw

J205 21kw Pump Hire - Aska Sykes

J205 21kw

J12 .9kw Submersible Pump - Aska Sykes

J405 35kw

Ponstar 2

Ponstar 2″

Puddle Pumps - Aska Sykes

Puddle Pumps

Submersible Sludge Pumps

Toyo DP20 Pump - Aska Sykes

Toyo DP20

Toyo DP30 Pump - Aska Sykes

Toyo DP30

Toyo GR15 Pump - Aska Sykes


Toyo ET5 Pump - Aska Sykes


K30 Pump - Aska Sykes


High Performance Pumps

HP100 Pump Hire - Aska Sykes


MH100 Pump - Aska Sykes


MH150-100 Pump - Aska Sykes


UVO150-100 Pump - Aska Sykes

UVO150 / 100

UVO200 / 150 Pump - Aska Sykes

UVO200 / 150

HS200 Pump - Aska Sykes


DRC150 / 100 Pump - Aska Sykes


Specialist Pumps

Electric GP100 Specialist Pump - Aska Sykes

GP100M Electric 4″

Electric Booster Pump - Aska Sykes

Electric Booster Pump

Test Pump - Aska Sykes

Test Pump

Hydraulic Air Pump - Aska Sykes

Hydraulic Air Pump

Sediment Control

Siltaway - Aska Sykes


Filtration Settlement Tank - Aska Sykes

Settlement Tanks

Filtration Dirtbox - Aska Sykes


Filtration Dirtbags - Aska Sykes


Hose & Accessories

Here at Aska Sykes we are constantly updating our hire fleet with accessories to complement our wide and versatile range of pumps. Our mission is to provide a complete pumping solution for any application, enabling the customer to source everything they need from one supplier, thereby reducing time, paperwork and cost. Call us now and our expert team can recommend the correct pump and ancillary equipment for your application.