Filtration Dirtbox - Aska Sykes


A purpose built tank that houses the Dirtbag and allows a much easier, safer and more controlled environment for collecting solids through the water transfer process. For this application the Dirtbags are cube shaped and measure 1m3 giving an even bigger filtration surface area than the stand alone Dirtbag.

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The Dirtbox comprises of:

  • An outer tank with 1 No. 6″ inlet and 2 No. 6″ outlets with one blanking cap. The two outlets are situated at different heights to suit different applications and can both be used if pumping at high speeds.
  • The tank measures only 1800L x 1200W X 1200H meaning it is smaller than a 1500 gallon settlement tank and takes up less room on your site.
  • The inlet & outlet connectors are industry standard bauer fittings
  • A removable permeable inner tank that holds the Dirtbag and is lifted out ensuring the safe & easy change and disposal of the Dirtbag
  • A removable baffle plate which can be inserted to create a settlement area and catch any additional smaller silt particles if required, or removed to create an instant water flow to the outlets.

Dirtbox - Aska Sykes