Toyo K30 Pump - Aska Sykes

Toyo K30 Pump

Specially invented cylindrical Cutter Fan (agitator) is installed and it effectively agitators the sediments. Cylindrical Cutter Fan (agitator) and non-clogging impeller prevents clogging and winding of fibrous material. The shaft does not go through impeller and it makes the solid of bigger size passable. Double mechanical seals are adopted and detecting room prevents water getting into motor room. Original amphibious motor is adopted, it allows the water depth as lower as possible. Hi-Chrome casting iron is used in Impeller and Cylindrical Cutter Fan, it has extreme durability against abrasion and long life-time. Thermal protector is installed. A snorkel suction pipe for supernatant liquid to adjust the concentration is available as optional equipment.