UV150 / 100 Pump - Aska Sykes


The Sykes Super Wispaset UVO 150/100 is a super silenced high-performance pump specifically designed for use on arduous, high head noise-sensitive applications. The pump runs on an innovative Tier 4-compliant Volvo TAD870VE engine which dramatically reduces emissions whilst meeting the latest European regulations.

This market-leading product is contained within a sound-reducing canopy and has a maximum noise level of 70dBA at 7 metres. An average fuel consumption of just 16.8 litres an hour renders the Super Wispaset UVO 150/100 approximately 10% more efficient than comparable pumps on the market.

The unit offers maximum heads of 93 metres and a maximum flow of up to 120 litres per second, while a built-in telemetry system provides detailed statistics about the pump’s performance.