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CR400 110v Dessicant Dehumidifier

These units are also specially designed to be robust, and to withstand the knocks and rough treatment often associated with lifting, moving and stacking transportable dehumidifiers. The often also match small-scale humidity management requirements in stationary and permanent installation.

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  • Low weight and small size compared to dehumidification capacity
  • Handles for easy carrying, lifting and stacking
  • Robust design that withstands moving around and tough treatment
  • Easily stackable-sixteen Cotes Mobile units on a single Euro pallet
  • Fit easily into delivery vehicles/tradesmen’s vans for site-to-site transport
  • Single ventilator for both process air and regeneration air
  • Energy efficient, cheap to run
  • High-performance, washable rotor coated with silica gel
  • Works effectively at low temperatures, if needed
  • Cabinet made of stainless steel for good hygiene
  • Easy to clean the insides, easy access for service
  • Aircraft, vehicles and boats
  • Equipment rental services
  • Building, construction and renovation
  • Recovery and repair after flooding and water damage Waterworks and pumping stations
  • Small-scale dry storage
  • Ad hoc/quick-fix dehumidification requirements