Industrial Pumps

Industrial Pumps CS Range - Aska Sykes

CS Range

We stock a huge range of centrifugal, monoblock & single impeller pumps for use in a wide range of agricultural, industrial & general plant applications. Ideal for use in transferring of clean water for high pressure or volume jobs.

Industrial Pumps VS Range - Aska Sykes

VS Range

Vertical multistage pumps for agricultural irrigation, civil & industrial, high pressure washing plants & milking parlour washdown. Available in single & three phase power.

Booster Pumps

Shimge Parlour Wash Pumps - Aska sykes

Shimge Parlour Wash

Speroni Parlour Wash Pumps - Aska sykes

Speroni Washdown Pumps

BW Booster Pumps - Aska sykes

BW Booster Range