Spare Parts

Rather than a complete replacement of your pump system, sometimes small repairs may be all you need to get up & running. Aska Sykes provide a complete range of spare parts for all of the equipment we hire & sell. From brass, galvanize & plastic pipe fittings to pressure switches, valves mechanical seals& impellers, we’ve got all you need to keep water flowing when you need it most.

Check out just some of the spare parts that we stock.

Pump Spares

Capacitors - Aska Sykes


CH16-210 Direct Drive - Aska Sykes

Pressure Switches

Pressure Gauges - Asks Sykes

Pressure Gauges

Mechanical Seals - Aska Sykes

Mechanical Seals

Control Boxes - Aska Sykes

Control Boxes

Splicing Kits - Aska Sykes

Splicing Kits

Float Switch - Aska Sykes

Float Switches

Filters - Aska Sykes


Pipe Fittings

Hose Tails - Aska Sykes

Hose Tails

Brass Fittings - Aska Sykes

Brass Fittings

Compression Fittings - Aska Sykes

Compression Fittings

Camlock Couplings - Aska Sykes

Camlock Couplings

Lever Valves - Aska Sykes

Lever Valves

Non Return Valves - Aska Sykes

Non Return Valves