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Shimge WSD75/35T Effluent Pump

With small size and light weight, the WSD(50Hz) series pump is especially suitable for the rural wells water pumping, farmland irrigation and drainage, garden watering, water spraying and family households, as well as other applications such as industrial , construction, aquaculture, fish ponds, etc.

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  • Decantation pit, sewage pit and slurry collection pit pump out.
  • Pump out of lavatory/foul water with possible floating solids contents.
  • Domestic and industrial lavatory/black water handling systems
  • Max. Flow: 22m3/ h
  • Max. Head: 10m
  • Application Limits
  • Maximum liquid temperature +40?
  • pH level from 4-10
  • Passage of suspended solids up to 50mm
  • Power frequency is 50Hz.Voltage fluctuation range ?10%

Shimge WSD75/35T Performance Curve - Aska Sykes